Often, cleaning out gutters may seem like a redundant task. After all, you just cleaned them last month, so why do you have to do it again?

Failing to clean out gutters, especially in the fall, can lead to some big problems for your home, including roof leaks and even foundation damage.

Here are the four most common problems clogged gutters can cause if left untreated:

  1. Foundation damage

The whole idea of having gutters is for them to transfer water off of your roof and away from the foundation. If they get clogged, then water will pour over the sides and pool around your foundation. The overflowing water can cause cracks and damage to the foundation.

  1. Wood damage

The boards that the gutter system consists of are often wood-based. When the gutter fills with water, these wooden boards will start to lose shape and will eventually rot.

Another problem that clogged gutters can cause, especially if your home has wood siding, is that they can allow the water to overflow out of the system and onto the sides of your home, causing damage.

  1. Ice dams

Although this usually happens in colder climates, it is still good to know that ice dams can easily form on the gutters. This will cause the water to pool and eventually seep into the home.

Ice dams can form even when the gutters are clean, but with clogged gutters, the chances of this happening are much higher, due to water not being able to drain properly.

  1. Landscape damage

When the water spills over the sides of clogged gutters, it could also drop on any shrubs, flower beds or other decorative plants that you have at the base of your home, often ruining them completely.

As you can see, clogged gutters are a real problem and can cause a lot of damage to your home. Fortunately, the solution requires only about 20-30 minutes of your time every few weeks. Isn’t cleaning the gutters once in a while a better choice than paying for expensive repairs?