If you are looking to make your roof really stand out in the neighborhood and are not too keen on overspending, Decra Classic lightweight roof tiles are the answer for all roof types, down to 10 degrees pitch.

Decra Classic lightweight roof tiles come in six colors – terracotta red, brindle, teak, anthracite, sea green and shiny black, so you have no shortage of options.

The system consists of coated zinc-aluminum galvanized steel tile panels, which have the pleasant and desired look of traditional clay.

Unparalleled Roof Covering and Easy to Install on Any Roof

The roof tiles themselves have an upturned back edge, a downturned front edge and are designed to offer a great roof covering, both in terms of interlocking and in terms of overlapping. Furthermore, since they are produced in large quantities and format, they are much easier and faster to install, when compared with tile or slate roofing.

Of course, once they are installed, Decra Classic lightweight roof tiles are at their best, providing excellent weather resistance and all the storm protection you can ask for.

Decra Lightweight Roof Tiles are Environmentally-Friendly and Vandal-Resistant

Decra roofing tiles are also environmentally friendly, as they don’t contain any products or ingredients that can harm the environment or pollute the air.

These tiles are also bad news for any would-be vandals, due to their build and robustness, even though they are about 7 (seven) times lighter than regular concrete tiles.

Finally, installing Decra lightweight roof tiles is also much easier and less costly thanks to their design.

In other words, once you have Decra lightweight roof tiles installed, you won’t be looking up to see if there are any leaks or damage, but to enjoy how attractive your roof is.