“We aren’t in Kansas anymore Toto!”

Talk about a windy night.  It sounded like our house was going to blow away the evening of January 26, 2014. Taking heed to the weather man’s warnings Sunday afternoon, I went into the back yard and tried the best I could to “batten down the hatches”, securing the lawn furniture, making sure the kids toys are all stored properly and nothing would blow away.

Beautiful home exterior during late spring season with clean landscape

Beautiful home exterior during late spring season with clean landscape

As I laid in bed that evening listening to the wind howl and reaching gusts well over 50 MPH, I couldn’t help but allow the thoughts run through my head if there was anything else I could have missed outside.

The next morning I walked around in the frigid air to see if there was any damage. Thankfully, we came out unscathed. But as I drove around town, I saw others weren’t so lucky… I’m sure that trampoline doesn’t belong in that tree.

Believe it or not, Spring is just around the corner. And as a licensed roofing contractor, please take my advice and get your roof inspected to make sure your roof is in its best condition prior to the Spring rains that are heading our way. Water will find least resistance. The last thing you want is a missing shingle or two that will allow water to slowly leak into your attic and go unnoticed for months until you see that nasty black stain on your ceiling (MOLD), or worse, a leak that will fall between your walls that will not show signs for years to come. We address these issues on a daily basis.  A simple inspection and repair today could prevent a costly repair down the road and/or a preventable insurance claim.

Your roof is your only defense from above. I also understand that your roof is something on your home that is “out of sight, out of mind”. I often ask homeowners, “Without looking, can you tell me what color your roof shingles are?”  Over 90% of the time they answer “I couldn’t tell you”.

I get it. There really isn’t a reason to know. The roof is doing its job by keeping water out of your home. Unless you see a shingle laying in your yard, or noticed a stain on your ceiling you believe wasn’t there prior to Christmas, why should you be concerned?

FM Exteriors offer FREE roof inspections after storms that blow through our area. We will look for loose or missing shingles, inspect your pipe boots and make suggestions if there are minor maintenance repairs needed to prolong the life of your roof. We will also tell you if we noticed significant storm damage that could warrant a claim with your insurance company.

Don’t procrastinate! I assure you that if you take these proactive measures now you will eliminate future costly repairs and inconvenient disruptions to your everyday routine. Now a days, that alone is priceless.

DJ Ficken

President & Owner