Your roof covers your largest asset you own, so it pays to know the signs of trouble. Many danger signs are easy to address and hiring a licensed roofer like FM Exteriors is a great place to start.

A small leak can go undetected for years causing huge damage before you notice anything. It is recommended to have your roof inspect at least once a year by a licensed roofer to give you the peace of mind. The last thing you want is a looming problem that can cause thousands of dollars in damage.

1. Storm Damage

Hail damage is an insurable loss. Most insurance companies will give a homeowner 1 year from the date of the storm to file a claim for hail damage. Once hail impacts an asphalt shingle, the shingle becomes compromised due to bruising, tears or granule loss. As the shingle loses its protective layer of granules, the UV rays began to destroy it and damage starts to grow.

2. Pipe Boots

Your plumbing system entails pipes going through your roof. Any penetrations through your roof are possibilities of problems and need to be inspected on a regular basis.

There are two popular types of “pipe boots”; Rubber & Lead. Rubber fits snuggly around the PVC pipe outside the roofline but is susceptible to the UV rays and deteriorates within 7-10 years. Lead, is a more permanent solution but can eventually corrode and/or fall victim to gnawing squirrels.

3. Proper Chimney Flashing

Brick chimneys need to be flashed properly so water doesn’t run down the face of the chimney and into the attic. Too often, chimneys with no flashing are caulked or tarred to keep water out. This is a temporary solution and will not last more than a couple years. A chimney should be flashed with metal step flashing and counter flashed. We also recommend ice & watershield under the shingles around the chimney just as an extra layer of protection.

Shingles rarely leak. Most leaks occur where the shingles stop: Chimney, walls, vents or valleys. Have your roof inspected annually by a licensed roofer can eliminate trouble in the future.