FM Exteriors has found over $100,000 that the insurance adjusters have missed.

Insurance is one of those things that you’re thankful to have when you need it.  When a major storm comes through, it’s nice to know that your home repairs can be covered from the monthly fees your paying.

What happens though when that insurance adjuster comes by and looks at the damage to approve the repair or replacement of your roof?  Do you know the chances are he looked at 5-6 roofs that day and compiled his report after he gets back to the office later?  What are the chances he remembers every detail of your project and what was required?

This has happened to many of the homeowners that have chosen FM Exteriors to handle their roof repair and replacement project.

Let’s talk about Jim and Nancy (names changed for privacy), a couple with a home in the Maryville, IL. area.homeowner storm damage savings

They purchased a home built in the 1960’s and renovated it to be exactly what they wanted.  Most of their efforts were on the inside of the house as the exterior was “good enough”.

When the storm came through on February 28th of 2017 and hit the Maryville/Glen Carbon, Illinois area hard, their roof was damaged as well.

They called their insurance company and the adjuster came out and authorized the roof to be replaced. In addition, he authorized some of the siding, gutters and a few window screens on their house to be replaced as well.  

While on the surface, it appears he did a good job, and in regards to the adjustment he covered everything.  However, what he was unable to know was that the siding on their house was a color and style that was no longer available.

When they spoke with DJ at FM Exteriors, he raised the concern that there may not be a possibility to match the siding to fix that area, but he would reach out to his vendors and find out.  

Would you go to court without an attorney?  

FM Exteriors stands alongside our customers and works with the insurance companies to make sure you’re getting your damaged home repaired to how it was before the storm.  We’ll take the time to work with your insurance company to get the entire project covered to the amount you’re owed within the terms of your policy and the law.

Back to Jim and Nancy.

DJ was able to reach out to the supplier and determined who was the original manufacturer of the siding. Sure enough, that color was very unpopular and as such they stopped manufacturing and had no back stock available since it had been discontinued over 10 years ago.

With this information, FM Exteriors filed a request on behalf of Jim and Nancy to have the entire siding of the home replaced since there was no way to repair the damaged side to match.

After numerous phone calls with the insurance company, the full siding replacement was approved and FM exteriors was able to get approval and payment to replace the siding on the entire house.

Had Jim and Nancy just stuck with the insurance adjusters estimate, they would have been on the hook themselves to pay for the siding or stuck replacing the damaged area with siding that was “close enough”.

At FM Exteriors, we encounter stories like this everyday and we’re happy to stand beside our customers; This is why we do what we do. We’re not here just to replace your roof, but tackle the entire storm damage repair project by handling the communication with your insurance company. We will review your insurance scope thoroughly and address your insurance company if we see something that was missed.

We have found over well over $100,000 in repairs that have been approved by the insurance companies that were originally missed by the initial insurance adjusters. That’s real money and real value given back the homeowners that choose FM Exteriors for their repair project.


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