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Filing a claim on your home after a storm can be intimidating. Here are some common questions homeowners have once the claim has been filed:
  • Do I really need 3 estimates?
  • Where am I going to get the time to interview so many contractors?
  • Is my insurance company paying for repairs to meet local codes requirements?
  • Why is my mortgage company involved with my claim?
  • What if my insurance company missed something? How do I get reimbursed for those repairs?
  • Is it illegal for a contractor to “waive” my deductible?

Roofers just roof. F-M Exteriors & Remodeling will repairs ALL of your storm damage to your home. We work off the “Summary” you received from your insurance company so there’s no need to gather estimates from multiple contractors. But we don’t just stop there. We will coordinate and manage all inspections required with your township, insurance and/or Mortgage Company to minimize inconvenience to your daily routine.

We speak the same language as your insurance company. Our team will guide you through every step of your claims process. From conveying information to your mortgage company, if applicable, to submitting supplemental invoicing to your insurance company if they missed damage. All while the insurance checks come to you.

“One Call Will Fix It All”

Fraud Fact:

In most states, laws are in effect protecting homeowners from contractors who are offering false information at a time when homeowners are most vulnerable.

Storm chasers use the tactic of “waiving your deductible” to get your business, please beware, THIS IS AGAINST THE LAW!

Your “deductible” is a legal obligation between you and your provider. For a contractor to waive, deduct or discount your deductible, they will have to falsify submitted documentation to the insurance company. They, and you, will be committing insurance fraud! Remember, it’s not wise to do business with a dishonest contractor.

If it’s “too good to be true”, it probably is.

“If my contractor’s Invoice is less than my insurance money, do I get to keep the rest?”

No. Your insurance company will want an invoice showing all of the repairs have been made completed. If your contractor submits an invoice “less than” what your insurance is paying, your insurance company keeps the rest. This is one reason why insurance companies do not pay ALL the money to the homeowner for the repairs up front.

You can trust F-M Exteriors & Remodeling! Have the confidence in a team that will bring many years of experience working with insurance companies and a business who will be around for many years to come.

How to File:

  • Call your insurance company and file your claim.
  • Tell them “My Home was damaged by hail AND I believe the damage to be enough to warrant a claim.” DATE OF LOSS WAS _____________________.
  • Inform them “I have a contractor helping me through the claim process.” (Feel free to give your insurance company F-M Exteriors name and number. We have a great rapport with insurance companies.)
  • Write down your claim#: _________________________
  • Wait for your Insurance Adjuster to call and write down the following information for future reference:

Adjuster’s Name:_________________________________

Adjuster’s Phone Number:_________________________

Appointment Date and Time:________________________

This is a handy tool you will need to reference several times throughout your claims process.