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If you are looking to repair storm damage that has occurred to your home, we can not stress the importance of hiring a contractor who understands the storm damage claims process.

You see, roofers just roof. But a storm damage specialist speaks the insurance company’s language.

Storm damage, hail &/or wind, is actually an insurable loss and, based on your insurance policy, is your insurance carrier’s obligation to pay for repairs and return it to its original state prior to the storm.

Fact: Not only is the insurance industry constantly changing the rules, but every insurance company has their own set of rules. Just another reason why if you are speaking with a contractor who does not deal with insurance companies on a daily basis, you will not receive the best service for your needs.

Here are just a few questions we help homeowners answer every day:


  • Is it illegal for a contractor to “waive” my deductible?
  • If my contractor’s invoices add up to less than what my insurance company is offering to pay for the repairs to my home, am I entitled to the money left over?
  • Are three (3) estimates necessary?
  • Why is my mortgage company on the checks from my insurance company?
  • Why did my mortgage company take my initial check and put it into escrow?
  • What if my insurance company missed something my contractor pointed out? How do I get reimbursed for those repairs?


F-M Exteriors understands this can be an overwhelming time for you and your family We can help. We offer the unique service of repairing ALL of your storm damage to your home so you can stay focused on your daily routine and lifestyle.

First, if you haven’t already, we will inspect your roof and the exteriors of your home for damage. We will give you our professional opinion, help you file a claim if necessary, and we will offer meet your insurance adjuster to discuss the damage. Next, when you receive your summary from your insurance carrier, we will evaluate the scope of work to make sure nothing was missed by your adjuster. If so, we will work alongside your carrier and initiate any necessary “supplements” so you are not held liable for the costs of the work that was missed. This is an invaluable resource that we provide to our customers, FREE of charge, just for doing business with us.

The insurance industry is forever changing as to how storm damage claims are handled. In recent years, insurance companies are now involving mortgage companies in the claims process. FM Exteriors specialize in dealing with mortgage companies and storm damage claims. We will advise you on how to expedite your mortgage companies involvement. Again, just another free service we offer.

After your repairs are completed, we will provide your insurance company all the necessary paperwork needed to release the remaining money to you to finalize your claim.

If you suspect your home has experienced storm damage, call F-M Exteriors & Remodeling today for a free, no obligation inspection. We will be happy to help.

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