At FM Exteriors, we understand filing a storm damage claim on your home can be intimidating.shutterstock_119178913-300x199[1]

Many questions arise: How do I file a claim? Where am I going to get the time to interview so many contractors? Are my repairs meeting local codes? Why is my mortgage company involved with my claim? What if my insurance company missed something, how can I get reimbursed for those damages?

This is our specialty. FM Exteriors is one of the only companies in our area who offer this unique service of repairing ALL of your exterior storm damage to your home.

We saw this need our customers were facing and we wanted to help. Our company is set up to handle all of these issues. Our specialists can come out to your home and help file your claim with you. We are set up to handle all the repairs to one’s home from storm damage, be it roofing, siding, gutters, gutter protection, windows, window screens, fascia, soffit, deck power washed and stain, etc.

Our production department is up-to-date with all local code changes and regulations and knows what needs to be done to have your home repairs meet local construction codes.

We have in-house specialists from the mortgage/banking industry who can help our customers retrieve their money once their mortgage company is involved with their storm damage repairs. Many mortgage companies require w-9’s from contractors, contingency waiver of liens, inspections of repairs, to name just a few. We help the homeowner with this task to speed up their repair process.

We use the same estimating software as most insurance companies so if there is a repair that was missed by your insurance adjuster, we can provide them with a supplemental estimate to fix the damage. This takes the burden off your shoulders to pay a contractor to do the work then try to get reimbursed by your insurance company.

There are many reasons to hire ONE company to address ALL of your repairs due to a storm.

FM Exteriors is your one stop shop. One Call Fixes It All.