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The Roofing Repair Roadmap

Fixing your roof should never feel like guesswork.

Fix the problem fast. Regain peace of mind.


Nagging Leaks


Aging Roof


Falling Debris


Ugly Water Stains


Work with someone local

Trust a licensed roofing contractors that’s committed to our community. We care about your roof and the people who live under it.

Avoid The runaround

Utilize a contractor who manages the entire repair process so you only have one person to call

Eliminate Further Damage

Unresolved repairs can lead to long-term and more expensive issues

Don’t Waste Money

Save your hard-earned cash by only correcting what needs to be fixed

Don't take our word for it...

“FM gave us peace of mind that everything was going to be taken care of” — Shawn and Erin, Residents

When contacted, my response is always I’ve got someone I trust 100%. That’s important to my business. I know the work gets completed correctly.” — Katie, Insurance Agent

They were reliable, honest, and I’d recommend FM Exteriors to anyone” — Leda, Resident

Use our proven roadmap that’s helped homeowners make informed decisions about their roofing projects for over twenty years


Save Money

Don’t pay for repairs a warranty will already cover


Locate All Damage

Receive a complete assessment to know what you are up against

Storm-Related Repairs

Consider filing a claim if your free assessment uncovers hail damage

Avoid Feeling Overwhelmed

Let’s alleviate the stress of choosing between repairing or replacing your roof

Find a Business You Trust

Learn how to find the right licensed roofing contractor who will reduce what you have to manage


Regain Peace of Mind

Rest easy knowing the home you love is in great hands. Feel confident about your home’s repair process.

Every homeowner deserves to know whether it's time to repair a simple leak or replace your whole roof.

Let’s alleviate the stress of choosing between repairing or replacing your roof.