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Storm damage claims can be confusing. We’re here to help.




Hire a Local Contractor

Your warranty is only as good as your contractor’s availability.


One Contractor

Choose a contractor who will repair all of your storm damage so you only make one call if there are ever any questions.


Reduce Stress

Filing a storm damage claim can feel intimidating without help from someone with experience.


Save Money

Partner with a licensed contractor so you don’t pay out of pocket for repairs your insurance company should be covering.

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“They were honest, reliable, and I’d recommend F-M Exteriors to anyone.”

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Shawn and Erin, Homeowners

Working with F-M Exteriors Ensures You


Save Time

Cut through the confusion of insurance paperwork and repair your home fast.

Avoid Scams

Don’t be misled by dishonest or out-of-town contractors. Learn to avoid insurance fraud.


Locate All Damage

Make sure nothing gets overlooked.

Avoid Feeling Overwhelmed

Understand the claims process from start to finish.

Find a Contractor You Trust

Find the right licensed roofing contractor for you.


Reclaim Peace of Mind

Rest easy knowing the home you love is in great hands.

Simplifying Your Storm Damage Repairs

Download the Guide

Know how to tackle your storm damage

Schedule An Appointment

We’ll put together a plan to get everything fixed.

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Feel confident knowing we have you covered.

“When contacted, my response is always ‘I’ve got someone I trust 100%’. That’s important to my business. I know the work gets completed correctly.”

Katie, Insurance Agent

The 9 Things to Know When Filing a Claim on Your Home

Cut Through the Confusion of Filing Your Storm Damage Claim.