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Storm Damage

Many homeowners struggle, maybe even feel intimidated, filing a storm damage claim on their home after a hail storm. We work with homeowners and their insurance companies making sure all repairs are made in one easy process. 

  • We work with your insurance company step-by-step.
  • Ensure ALL your repairs are compensated.
  • One contractor for ALL of your storm damage.
  • We make it an easy process.

Discover how F-M Exteriors has helped people just like you.

Inspect Your Roof & Property

Have us inspect your roof prior to calling your insurance company. This could avoid you filing an unnecessary claim.

Meet With Your Insurance Adjuster

Have us meet with your insurance adjuster so nothing is over looked and all of your concerns are addressed.

One Contractor - All Repairs

Hiring ONE contractor to repair all of your storm damage makes it easy if there is ever a question or concern.

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What Makes F-M Exteriors So Different?

F-M Exteriors makes it easy to repair your home from storm damage by making sure your insurance company will compensate you correctly.  We have helped thousands of homeowners like you by making sure their insurance company didn’t  miss anything and all repairs were completed according to local building codes. How do you know your insurance company is compensating you correctly for your repairs? The answer is to call us today and schedule an appointment.

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